Australia’s only agricultural DLT on Hedera Hashgraph

Join our wine (beta) and dairy (alpha) trials. 

Datahash is a very smart database

We operate an immutable Event Ledger (an advanced database) and API on Hedera.

Our Event Ledger records agricultural supply chain information, while the API allows this data to be seamlessly exchanged with other users’ systems.


We are working B2B with dairies and wineries seeking to optimise their supply chain and data strategy

Hashgraph is an alternate DLT protocol to blockchains, it is patented and the only authorised ledger is Hedera Hashgraph. Hedera’s native cryptocurrency is HBAR (ℏ).  Our use of Hedera means Datahash has inherited superior properties of trust, scalability, security, stability and fair ordering.  Data can be tokenised goods, money and contracts

Think DLT, API, IoT etc is jargon? Here’s an explanation

What if your friend wanted to send you $100?  They obviously wouldn’t scan a bank note and email you the PDF!  Not only would no one trust that, it would be counterfeit.  Your friend would probably open a banking app on their smart phone, add your account details and hit send.  The money arrives in your bank account because your banks have already proven you and your friend’s digital identities through an international standards system called KYC (Know Your Customer).  KYC is simply a lot of computer code and algorithms which allow ‘machines’ (your banks) to trust the data movement because your cash moves as data.  

Supply chains are yet to establish these standards, but they are emerging and being developed in concert with next generation of distributed ledgers, or DLTs.

In 2021, the Australian Dairy Farmers and GS1 released the first such one, it’s called the Australian Dairy Traceability standard.  Datahash’s dairy alpha trial is based on this standard.   Soon your favourite Fleurieu Milk and Golden North ice cream will travel with a simple data signature, just like your cash.  Proving its journey from cow’s udder to you. 

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